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Rate the Landlord was created as a tool for tenants to stay informed about housing the same way we stay informed about every other business, through crowd-sourced reviews.

We know that tenants are often in the dark when it comes to renting with a new landlord. This conflicts with the standards we hold for every other business and service where reviews allow the consumer to make an informed decision based on reports of quality and conduct.

Something as important as housing shouldn't be an exception. Reviewing landlords alongside other businesses will make for a more transparent marketplace. By sharing rental experiences, tenants can help others avoid situations of negligence or mistreatment and find landlords who will uphold best practices and adhere to their local legislation.

Share your experiences, read the reviews, and help us keep one another safe, informed, and empowered.

Frequently asked questions

Privacy Policy

At Rate the Landlord Inc., we are committed to protecting the privacy of those who submit reviews. All submissions made to our website are anonymous. We do not collect any personal data or information that could be used to identify you, such as your name, email address, or phone number.

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Moderation Policy

Tenants visit Rate The Landlord to find information on prospective landlords based on reviews from their previous tenants. We will carefully moderate the submitted reviews to ensure they are relevant, appropriate, and respect the privacy of both parties.

We strictly prohibit the posting of threats, hate speech, lewd or discriminatory language.

At Rate The Landlord, privacy is important. A landlord's name is used in reviews because they operate a business under that name. However, we do not permit the posting of addresses, phone numbers, or any personal information related to the landlord or other parties involved.

Any reviews found in violation of this policy will be amended or removed at our discretion. We remain neutral and will not engage in factual disputes regarding the content of the reviews.


At Rate The Landlord Inc., we are committed to transparency and utilizing our resources to support tenants and their rights. All revenue generated through advertisements and generous donations is allocated towards covering the essential costs of running the site, ensuring that we can continue to provide valuable information and resources. We take pride in our dedication to making a positive impact, and any surplus funds are actively donated to groups and organizations that are actively working towards furthering tenant advocacy and support. By contributing to our site's revenue, you are directly assisting in our mission to foster a fair and equitable housing system. Together, we can empower tenants and make a meaningful difference in their lives.

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This project is open source and we would love help with its development! Send us an email or join us on Github to see how you can help grow this project and help Renters.

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