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“sounds like a great initiative, count me in!”

Reddit User

“I love this idea. I've been saying for a long time that there should be a way for renters to vet landlords the same way landlords can do background checks on renters.”

Reddit User

“Been dreaming of this years! Keen for it to become GLOBAL. 🏆”

Reddit User

“I consider your work heroic - thank you for providing a site that we can finally rate landlords!”

Tenant Email

“Good. As a landlord myself I'd like to see bad landlords held accountable. They give those of us trying to provide a good service a bad name.”

Twitter Landlord

“This is a much needed service. I'm really hoping you'll grow to be a global service”

Instagram User

“So I’m a landlord and love this page. If you're a landlord and have a problem with this site, you are literally the problem. It's incredibly fucking easy to be a good landlord.”

Instagram Landlord